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PRP Applications

The word PRP is the abbreviated form of “Platelet Rich Plasma”, means plasma that contains plenty of platelet (thrombocyte). Cells called platelets available in our blood and where there is any vascular damage, which enables blood clotting, contain substances that start the wound healing and tissue regeneration processes. In the PRP procedure, first the blood taken from the patient himself/herself is centrifuged in special tubes for separating the platelets, and then the resultant serum rich in platelets is injected into the areas of tissue damages or tissue aging, with intent to stimulate new collagen formation and tissue regeneration in such regions. Cases, in which PRP is applied Among facial plastic procedures, PRP is used to obtain a smooth, bright and vivid skin and eliminate problems such as wrinkling, dryness, and roughening on the skin, caused by mostly time and the sun damage in particular. PRP can also be applied in all cases involving a tissue damage or injury, wounds with a prolonged healing period after surgical interventions and with intent to eliminate acne scars as well as many other conditions including hair loss. How is the PRP procedure carried out? PRP is generally carried out with fine-needle injection into tissues in the damaged area, but is also carried out with mesotherapy needles or masks applied to the surface of the skin. In the PRP procedure that takes about 10 to15 minutes, generally 3 or 4 sessions are applied at 3 weeks intervals for achieving the desired results, which are then followed by 1 to 2 sessions applied on a yearly basis. Does the PRP procedure pose any risk? Since PRP is an injection derived from the patient's own blood, it does not pose any risk, as long as it is carried out by an experienced physician, appropriate techniques and materials are used and the required hygienic conditions are provided. What are the advantageous of the PRP procedure? The most important advantages of PRP are the facts that it does not cause reactions or allergies because it is a substance derived from the patient himself/herself, its use is easy and safe, it stimulates collagen production as well as all the healing/rejuvenation functions in the site of application and it is a treatment with long-lasting effect.

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