Aesthetic Chin Operations

What is Cosmetic Chin Surgery (Mentoplasty)?

Although the chin is an important part of an attractive face, aesthetic problems with the chin are generally not put on the agenda by patients and demands for plastic surgical interventions are usually intended for the correction of nose deformities or sagging skins on the face and neck areas.

On the other hand, noticing and evaluating the aesthetic problems about the chin and solving them with appropriate approaches create very important positive effects on facial appearance.

In all faces considered to be attractive, there is a structural symmetry and balance between the elements constituting the facial skeleton. A well-balanced facial skeleton can be possible with the availability of three dimensional harmony and right aesthetic ratios between the bones that constitute the face.

Accordingly, the chin should be evaluated based on its neighboring anatomical structures such as the lips, teeth and nose. Correction of aesthetic problems in the chin structure provides harmony between the structures constituting the face, and also makes a positive contribution to the appearance of the mouth, lips and nose. Therefore, evaluation of the chin structure and solving also aesthetic problems about the chin for better aesthetic results are recommended to all patients, who request aesthetic surgical intervention in their facial regions.

Surgical treatment of chin deformities is administered as implant procedures or advancement or setback of the bone structures that constituting the tip of the bony chin, with various methods.

Implants with different structures placed at the tip of the chin successfully augment the chin in the lower facial area in front-rear plane. However, they may remain incapable for augmentations in the upper-lower and left-right planes and therefore different surgical interventions may need to be made on the jaw bones for these purposes.

How Is a Cosmetic Chin Surgery Performed?

Approaches to be chosen in cosmetic chin surgeries are determined based on the content and extent of the problem. In case of limited degree of inabilities in the side view plane, i.e. in cases where the lower jaw is small and behind, using a chin implant for providing augmentation is the easiest and more effective method.

In these surgeries that can be performed under local or general anesthesia, a chin implant in dimensions appropriate for the patient's need is placed in the pocket prepared in a suitable location and plane on the jaw bone, by accessing there through a small incision made under the chin or inside the mouth.

After this surgery that takes less than an hour, daily bandage application for a few days is adequate, and the favorable effects of surgery on the aesthetic appearance of the face appear immediately.

Implant is selected in accordance with the needs of the patient and the preference of the surgeon. Among implants with different structures, shapes and dimensions used for this purpose in some cases, bone or cartilage tissues taken from the patient can be used for this purpose, as well

In severe and complex deformities concerning several planes, it is possible to augment or reduce the chin or correct its asymmetries, by means of incisions and dislocations in the bone structures that constitute the lower jaw tip.


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