Cost of the Aesthetic Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgeries are performed by using different techniques, instruments and materials in different styles. The extent of the problem in your nose, previous nose surgeries, the necessity to obtain cartilage pieces from the ear or the ribs and concha hypertrophy, accompanying problems like sinusitis that require intervention during the same operation affects the cost of the surgery. Another factor that has impact on the cost is the hospital in which the operation will be performed. When the operation is performed in comprehensive hospitals though the surgeons fee is the same, since other costs (room, usage of the operation room, materials, anesthesia, examination) are relatively high, he cost increases compared to smaller hospitals. Except the correction of posttraumatic deformities rhinoplasty is a surgery that health insurances do not cover just like other aesthetic operations. Therefore, the cost of the operation is usually given as a fixed package price. That is, the price that you will pay is determined exactly before the surgery, the price of the materials that will be used and other costs are not calculated individually.

The experience, training, surgical skills and aesthetic sight of the surgeon who will perform the operation are the most important factors on the success of the aesthetic intervention that will be performed on a conspicuous, critical anatomical structure that is located at the center of your face. However, the quality of the instruments and materials used during the surgery also have an important role on the outcome. For example, instead of using expensive surgical sutures that completely dissolves within 4-6 months, using comparatively cheaper sutures that do not dissolve spontaneously while fixing the cartilage structures may lead to problems like foreign substance reaction or infection in time. Similar situations may be effective in many different factors from the quality of the other materials and equipments to the sterilization, that is, decrease in the cost usually means making concessions on the quality. As a consequence, when you decide to undergo rhinoplasty which is a complex surgery, the price that you will pay is certainly an important criterion; however, it should not be the top priority. The first surgery is the one that has the highest success rate. The success rate of the following corrective operations and the rate of yielding functional results gradually decrease. For an operation that gives final result within a period of 6-12 months, the experience of the surgeon and the number of the cases he or she performed are the most important factors that have influence on the result. Therefore, correct selection of the surgeon who will perform your operation must be your top priority. The cost of the surgery varies within a very wide range according to the parameters that are mentioned above. The correct approach is having a complete aesthetic and functional nose evaluation after deciding on your surgeon, and to decide on the interventions that have to be performed. In order for your operation to be successful in respect to aesthetic and identically important functions of the nose, the necessity for additional interventions like turbinate or sinus surgery may effect the cost and also the selection of the hospital depending on the technology needed.

The price of your surgery may only be determined realistically after all these stages.


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