3D Imaging in Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery

3D (Three-Dimensional) Imaging in Facial Plastic Surgery and Rhinoplasty

How is 3D Imaging Performed?

Today, rapidly developing medical technologies enable precise preoperative evaluations of existing problems; and at the same time, make it possible to obtain highly realistic 3D images of the possible end results of the intended interventions in the nose  and face .

Imaging systems developed for this purpose create 3D image of the nose  and facial area, with the aid of special software, using high-resolution images taken from different angles and then the planned changes can be displayed on such images. With realistic prediction of the postoperative appearance both the patient and surgeon, who will perform the surgery, are enabled to fully understand the patient’s expectations; and this make it possible to plan the surgery in such a way as to ensure the desired result (Figure).

Figure: Displaying the possible postoperative results realistically beforehand by using the 3-D imaging system makes it easier to take decisions about the desired result, and allows for making a surgical plan intended for achieving it.

Especially taking decisions about the amount of tissue to be removed become complicated due to the fact that certain procedures such as preoperative evaluation and photo shooting are carried out when the patient is in upright position, although surgery is performed while the patient is in lying position, as well as due to injections administered during surgery and consequential skin edema. Therefore, it is of great importance to make the required preoperative calculations, and pre-plan the surgical procedures and the amount of tissue to be removed, for ensuring the surgery to result in desired outcomes.


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